DIC offeriert eine umfassende Produktepalette mit der neusten verfügbaren Technologie.

Filmlose Digitalsysteme zu einem ausserordentlichen Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis


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Universal fully motorized system for general radiology examinations designed for maximum flexibility  and clinical productivity, easy to use 

and operate and greatly facilitattes patient positioning including 



Multipurpose radiological system for all  radiographic applications, thorax, abdomen, skeleton, skull and spinal column. The system is designed with a focus on flexibility and ease of use and can be configured to your exact clinical requirements.  


Thorax Fix

Chest dedicated Radiological System with possibility for other conventional radiographic applications (Thorax, abdomen, skeleton, skull and spinal column)


Thorax Split

Chest dedicated Radiological System - Split Version

motorized vertical movement of tube, automaticly correlated with detector hight.

Very fast positioning for high troughput

RAD Float

Hight adjustable floating table with integrated digital flatpanel

Flat Panel Detectors  43x43,36x43 or 20x25cm for Upgrade of an existing System

-> maximum cost effectivness with a upgrade of your conventional 

 film or CR System.

 Designed to replace conventional film-based radiology and computed radiography, our X-ray detector reflects the expertise in the key technologies and qualitative criteria that define medical imaging. 

X image - Acquisition Station


Sophisticated integrated console for digital X-ray image acquisition and fully digital radiography system.